Current status of cartoon Daisy

Well, I finally figured out some of the features here. Sorry if it’s been confusing for some. I got some good feedback about problems of not being able to view the cartoons properly. Mostly of the images being too small to read. I fixed that, and also switched to using the .png format instead of jpeg format. For some reason, I had problems with using jpeg files.

I’ll keep working on new material. It’s SXSW time here in Austin. I just got back from being downtown, and it’s a hopping place. I met a friend from Pasadena who worked on the music to a premiere film here. He’s staying at the Driskill Hotel. The lobby was full of folks from all over networking away. It was electrifying to be in that scene.

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Introducing Daisy

Daisy and Thoren texting...

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Episode 3 of cartoon Daisy – Introducing his dog Spark.

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Episode two of cartoon Daisy

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